Why Coming Out Again?

There is a man mentioned in the bible named Lazarus. He fell ill, and several days later died. His sisters had asked Jesus to come and heal their brother, but Jesus delayed long enough that Lazarus was dead by the time Jesus arrived. Why did Jesus delay? Maybe you have been asking Jesus for years to come and deliver you from your strong attraction toward the same sex, yet he has delayed…and you are baffled.

Just like those standing outside the tomb, maybe you have said, “He healed others, why hasn’t He healed me?” But Jesus did come, and after weeping over his friend Lazarus, He said, “Lazarus, come out!” And Lazarus came out of his tomb: the place of separation from his family and friends; the place of darkness and confinement; the place where he could no longer see or hear or feel what real life was or what real love was; the place where he was all alone, and where even his own sister said, “Jesus, you can’t take him out of there; he stinks!” But Jesus spoke, and the man came to life.

Maybe you struggled to “come out” to your friends and family when you first announced you were living in a lesbian lifestyle, and it was extremly painful and difficult to do. It probably produced a death to some part of your life. But Jesus is calling us from death to life, just as He did to Lazarus. He is calling us to “Come Out Again.” Out of a life that has at times been satisfying, but at the core of your soul has never produced the life or the love that you have longed for. Though you have full validation from the world and many of your friends, you are still empty. Jesus is calling you out of hiding for this very purpose: to cleanse the shame, fill the emptiness and to set you free. Jesus is the life and the love you have been longing for. A relationship with Him produces a new life the minute you place your faith in Him and start trusting Him. Once Jesus has called Lazarus, and us, from the tomb of death, he then says something interesting: He commissions those around Lazarus to, “Take off his grave clothes and let him go.” This is the role that the ministry of Coming Out Again will play in your healing journey. Those around you, who have walked this path out of same sex attraction and sexual addiction and have experienced that the Lord is faithful to heal the wounds and transform your desires. Who stand ready to listen to you, and pray for you, and help you to “take off the grave clothes” and unwind those things that have bound you. To bless you forward on your journey to wholeness. This is what Coming Out Again is all about.

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