What We Believe

thWe believe that the compassion of Jesus Christ and His resurrection power transforms lives that have been taken captive by the enemy of our souls who desires to use sexual and relational brokenness as a means to destroy us. We believe Jesus is able to reclaim that which the enemy has stolen, and enable us to walk in repentance, cleansing and wholeness.

We believe that the infallible Word of God, His church, the Holy Spirit, and prayer are the effective tools God uses to produce the freedom and transformed life a struggler is seeking.

We believe that faith alone in Jesus Christ brings salvation from sin and it’s mastery of us, and this faith allows the grace of God to be poured into our lives in a way that allows us to walk in what Jesus calls “life to the fullest.” Such a salvation gives us hope here on earth, and a future home in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe in repentance from sin; our personal choice of turning away from the ways of this world and our sinful desires that are opposed to God’s truth, and that have caused destruction in our lives and the lives of those around us. We believe that the Lord meets the repentant sinner and extends grace, mercy and forgiveness, joyfully accepting the prodigal home and establishes their feet on a firm path of wholeness and holiness.