Kris Olsen


Kris Olsen, Coming Out Again Ministries, President

Kris was born in California, and has lived in Orange County, California for 32 years. She comes from a professional sports background as a member of the LPGA and is still involved in the golf arena. Kris has been a Christian for 20 years, serving in various ministry capacities in her home church and abroad. She has been involved in ministering to those who are coming out of a gay, lesbian, or transgender lifestyle since 2006, and started Coming Out Again Ministries in 2009. Having come from a lesbian/same sex attraction background herself, she is a much sought after and requested speaker on the topic of homosexuality. She often speaks at churches, conferences, campuses, and retreats, and has been on several radio programs, as well as internet television, and has a way of communicating the truth of what it feels like to live with same sex attraction, what it’s like to walk out of the lifestyle, and how healing happens for the one who is looking for freedom that is filled with compassion and understanding. “I think it reflects the heart of Jesus when we care about people without judgment, interruption, or interpretation, but we let the Holy Spirit speak healing and comfort, truth, and restoration of things lost into the soul of a man or woman.” Kris is passionate about ministering to those who are desperate for answers, and has a healing/discipleship program she runs for those who contact the ministry for help.

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